Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm Baaaaa-aaaaack!


I'm all better! Yay!

(doing a little clappy-happy dance)

I still have a little way to go.
Lots more cardio-rehab.
The ginormous bowl of medicines on my night table isn't going anywhere.

But more or less...I'm doing GREAT!!!!

No more leaky heart!

Before I show you more cookies,
I'd like to be a little bit serious for just a minute if you don't mind....

When you hear something serious from a doctor,
something that you know is going to affect you and your family,
it's scary.

It's really, really scary.
And that's okay.

I had to learn that.
(it's one of the many things I've learned)
I had to tell myself over and over again.
It's okay to be scared.

Because....when you're scared, and you let yourself say it out loud....

"I'm Scared"
"I Need Help"

.....something happens.

The people around you, the ones that love you, hold you up.

They hold your hand,
give you a hug,
make you laugh when you want to cry.

And the scared bit....starts to get a little smaller everyday.

Pretty soon....I wasn't crying with fear, or pain.
Almost everyday there were tears of gratitude.

There will never be enough words to thank the friends and family who have taken care 
of me and my boys over the past few months.

I have so many stories to tell you about them all, 
and I can't wait to celebrate them and their generosity.

Thank you to all of you too.

For sticking around and waiting for me to return.
For the overwhelming amount of emails expressing your concern.
For the countless prayers and well-wishes.

I'm a very lucky girl.

All these cookies were baked the day before my surgery.
I packaged them up in three big batches 
and my husband brought them in for the nurses every other day.

Nothing like bribing the lovely ladies in charge of the pain meds.

Which reminds me...

Time to find that big red bowl.

Hugs and kisses to everyone!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Love day is coming and so are the hearts!!!

Heart cookies are beautiful and don't need a lot of decoration to get their point across.

Sometimes they're a bit bossy....

....some are very chatty and talk all night...

...while others are quietly cute.

These like to go 'au natural'...

Some hearts belong to someone right from the start.

Unfortunately....some have a hole where they're not supposed to 
and are leaking all over the place.

...and that would be mine.

Yup, I have a leaky heart.

I didn't always have one 
(or if I did, it was so tiny that my doctors couldn't quite hear it)
but I do now, and it ever a doozy.

So that's where I've been for the past month or so.
I've had lots and lots of pictures taken of my insides.
Tests and measurements galore!

But these doctors aren't quite done yet.

My little leaky heart needs a fix 
(technically a mitral valve repair)
that is going to move me out of the kitchen for awhile.

I've got a couple weeks until it gets fixed.
But before and after, I'll be at home with my feet up,
 watching every single show Bravo has to offer 
and getting all caught up on my reading and photo editing!

Hopefully, I'll be spending some time here sharing lots of pictures with you all.
But, since I've never been through this before, I'm not sure how I'll be feeling.

So if I go missing for a bit again, now you'll know where I'll be!
Good thoughts, prayers and well wishes are always welcome!!!

Much love to you all!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Santa's Mustache Cookies!

Something happens when I walk down the gift wrap aisle at my favorite stores.

I see cute bags and instead of thinking...
"Oh I want to put a gift in that!!"... brain says...
"That NEEDS to be a cookie!!!"
So I made these.

I squealed in the middle of Target when I saw it.
(really good way to embarrass your teenage son by the way)

You can't blame me though, can you?

Kind of a cookier's dream come true really....only two colors, no hand-cutting, 
no special cutters, easy-peasy.

Well I did use a mustache cutter.....but still one color!

We'll be leaving these out for Santa this year!

I hope I can keep the elf from eating them first!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Cookies!

Does your house have an elf?

Last year we adopted James...

He's a mischievous little stinker sweetheart.

We've found him in closets, on top of the Christmas tree, in my mixer!

One morning we found him under Jack's bed!!
(Which I appreciated, since Jack was supposed to clean under there 
and couldn't quite remember to get that done!)

He's quite the little tattletale....
(the elf not Jack....well maybe Jack too)

But with that cute little've just gotta love him.

So if you have an elf in your house...

I hope they catch all the sweet little things
your munchkins do this holiday!

And if you can't find him anywhere....check under the bed!

(and if you need a cutter to make your own elves....
try "Marlene" from Cristin's Cookies.
That's the one I used!
You can find it HERE
Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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